Project C – Solid-state NMR studies of tumour physical properties


This project aims to develop and apply advanced solid-state NMR (ssNMR) experiments and complementary techniques for the determination of the content and dynamic properties of tumours and their ECM. The ssNMR studies will be combined with mass-spectrometry based proteomics studies of changes in the ECM composition and with targeted stable-isotope labelling.


Research in this project involves:

  • Categorization and analysis of tumour tissues by ssNMR , of both glioblastoma and leukemia-based cultured cell models, using:
    • tailor-made Magic-angle-spinning (MAS) NMR to ECM model systems;
    • in-situ isotopic labelling of key ECM components such as hyaluronic acid;
    • dynamics-based spectral editing (DYSE) ssNMR methods.
  • Determining the response of tumour dynamics and composition to modulatory stimuli.
  • Connecting molecular data from ssNMR with properties studied in other projects.

PhD student

Pushpa Rampratap

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